The Mining on Top Africa Summit, held in London from 24-26 June 2015, brought together private and public international players working in the natural resources sector across Africa.  GENI & KEBE Managing Partner, Mouhamed Kebe, was invited to give an overview of the mining law that applies in the West African region.

The Mining on Top Africa Summit, organized by AMETrade, gave participants an opportunity to reflect on the opportunities and legislative environments in different regions of the continent.  The theme of the summit was: “Connecting Nations, Investors and Industry Leaders to Drive Economic and Social Development in Africa through Mining”.
The summit was supported and endorsed by the UK Trade & Investment department, the Government of Western Australia, the Royal African Society, and the Business Council for Africa
“Aware of their mining potential and the necessity of transparent legislation in this area, West African countries have set up community instruments for the harmonization of mining policies,” explained Mr Kebe.  “Investors and authorities alike benefit from understanding these policies so that they can capitalize on their enabling provisions.”
Mr Kebe’s publication overview of the mining sector in West Africa can be found in the International Comparative Legislation Guide to Mining Law 2015.