Taxation issues affect all of our clients doing business in the region.  We provide advice both on regulatory compliance to assist companies to maximize their tax position and also offer representation on contentious matters or disputes with the tax authorities.  

Recent transactions:
• Advising British Airways in relation to Senegalese tax issues that arose when assets of its Senegalese branch offices were reassigned following the merger with Iberia Airlines
• Advising Columbia University Earth Institute on employee taxation obligations upon the transfer of a Development Centre from Mali to Senegal
•    Advising Maroc Telecom on tax issues dealing with a share purchase agreement in Cote d’Ivoire

Corporate Tax in Senegal, Absatou Ndiaye and Rahimine Touré, ICLG 2016

A brief overview to help navigate the Senegal – UK Tax Convention, 2015, Louisa Gibbs, GENI & KEBE 2015  


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